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Bulwark Flame Resistant Protective Apparel
Wearing Bulwark flame resistant work clothing can mean the difference between minor survivable burns and major life-threatening injuries. Bulwark's FR shirts, FR pants and FR coveralls protect against flames, flash fire and electric arcs that workers face every day in the electric utility, petroleum, petro chemical and chemical industries. Bulwark protective apparel sets the standard for flame resistance, thermal protection, comfort and durability. The quality you can trust, the quality you want, the quality you know: Bulwark Protective Flame Resistant Clothing.

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70E Questions & Answers

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Bulwark Makes The Difference
Flame resistant protective apparel, FR Shirts, FR Pants, FR Coveralls can mean the difference between minor survivable burns and major life-threatening injuries. For protection against flames, flash fire, and electric arcs, many workers in the electric utility, petroleum, petrochemical and chemical industries trust Bulwark garments. Bulwark garments excel in the crucial performance areas of flame resistance, thermal protection, comfort, and durability. Quality flame resistant work shirts, pant, coveralls, and jackets. 

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